Customize bootstrap easy way

Customize bootstrap easy way

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Bootstrap is the perfect tool to unleash your creativity in the form of css on a webpage.  Let’s learn an easy way to customize bootstrap. If you are a designer or a web developer, you must have come across bootstrap by now. It has come a long way from version 1.0 to 4.0 in a short time. It was created by twitter developers as a in-house tool, but it was later open sourced to the community. Anyone can download it and use it for commercial purposes as well for free.

Bootstrap can help you built responsive layouts very easily, as we learn how to use it predefined classes in our own website. It helps you convert a static webpage into a dynamic device ready webpage in just a few modifications.

Learn bootstrap if even if you are not a web designer, as it can help you in building simple custom layouts in an customize bootstrap.

Now, as you keep using the goodies the bootstrap provides, sometime you want to customize the colors of bootstrap to your own theme.

Customize Bootstrap

You could of course do it by overriding the default CSS codes, but a more professional way is to use the variables and re-generate the entire theme, based on your color palettee which will require some SAAS processor.

But , if you want to get rid of all the bootstrap hassle of changing each and every thing, there is a perfect website, that helps in developing your custom theme!

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