Easy way to add Twitter Feeds to your site

Easy way to add Twitter Feeds to your site

Faisal / Wordpress

Twitter is the micro social media, which helps you send out small messages as “tweets”.  It has evolved to a full blown socail engaging app in the recent years.

Adding twitter feeds to your wordpress site can be done in two ways. First you could use the Twitter API, and get your hands dirty on coding it up with authorization and what not.

Secondly, there are alternatives using plugins. I’ve tried on many different FREE twitter feed plugins for WordPress. My favorite one which is very easy to setup is called ” Rotating Tweets (Twitter widget & shortcode)”.

This plugin i have been using on my own site in homepage bottom right corner. As you can see , it pulls feeds from twitter, and rotates them every 3 seconds. I didn’t have to do any coding for this. simply download it and activate to get started right away.

Let’s see how well it performs on your site.

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