3 best ways to test your design skills

3 best ways to test your design skills

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Design of a website explores the boundaries it can hit, sometimes its over the top and sometimes it can be less edgy. The 3 best ways to test your design skills can be a good start if you are a beginner designer or a pro too. Modern design is evolving with the approach of different kinds of devices that it can be displayed these days. Like a smartphone, tablet, phablet just to mention a few varying kinds of screen size devices available at users hands. If you are a beginner designer or a pro then these tools can be very helpful in validating how well your design functions at various aspects.

Responsive layout

Whenever you design it is very important to start from the smallest device and then move further top to bigger sizes.

Mobile-first is the term for that in modern era of designing. While there are plenty of design tools helpers to get you started quickly like, twitter’s  bootstrap, foundation ,css these are just a bare bones of the actual work done you need.

Understand the overall market and competitive space – and determine market segmentation, product pricing, positioning. Understand user needs, pain points, and goals.

A very handy tool for checking you design sizes on various devices is here

James Bond Tools

While there is no tool to measure design.  Best way to test the skills, responsiveness is to upload a prototype/sample of your work on Internet (or offline share with fellow designers) to receive opinions of others. Be clear about the limitations of the tool and the workarounds for it .  If you want feedback directly from designers, you can upload it to places like Behance, Dribbble and similar portfolio sites. This being important as the users should not be coming up with the statement that “Tool is powerful but difficult to use”.

Design skills

Before you launch it to real users make sure the “monkeys” have had enough time to play around with it.
Reward them with a cookie for every fault they find in your tool. The best product people have an ineffable quality of “taste”. You don’t need to be a great visual designer yourself, but you do need to be able to recognize great design.

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