Understanding WordPress Frameworks

Understanding WordPress Frameworks

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W ordpress is the most popular content management system(CMS) framework. The ease of use  with minimal files and tables makes it highly attractive to anyone.

While wordpress itself provides a fully functional and customizable environment for you, there are a lot of frameworks built on top of wordpress that make life further easier. Today we talk about one of them.


Genesis is a commercial wordpress framework, built by studiopress . It boasts to be the industry standard for custom wordpress themes, with highly seo effective.

Lets see a few lines of genesis code:

1. modify the header URL:

2. remove the site title from your site:

These codes must be put into functions.php file.

More similar snippets found at here.

WordPress SEO, requires a lot of attention, while you are dealing with your site. It acknowledges how much traffic increase you can perform on your website. Google Adsense is highly dependent on the amount of unique visitors drive to your website. Seo increase is very necessary hence to not only get old regular users, but also brand new users from various locations. Genesis helps to increase your seo performance, as it is fully focused on seo improvements.

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