Favicon icon

Favicon icon

faisal / Wordpress

Favicon icon is a small icon image used in the browser url. It defines the supplied identity informatin linked with that website. As you can see in this particular page Top, there is a small ‘f’ icon in white color with black background. This icon is 16*16 in size. Its a standard size. You may use this kind of image in your own website as well.

Here’s how to do that !

  1. Open Photoshop or any image editor you are used to with and draw out a simple shape with 16*16 size.
  2. When you are done save it as “favicon.ico“.   Notice the .ico extension? it’s used for icon type files. You may use .gif or .jpg as well    but  it wont support in I.E. (sucks!)
  3. Upload it in your website root directory or images folder.
  4. Add this code  <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/favicon.ico”/>  if it’s a wordpress site. else remove the php tags and add your own location url.
  5. Reload your site and your golden.!

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