how to add language translation manually

how to add language translation manually

Faisal / Wordpress

When it comes to wordpress, adding multi language translation has two types of approach.

  1. Automatically
  2. Manually

Now lets talk about the first option of adding language translation to wordpress. As you can find there are a lot of plugins which are available to download that can help you translate your wordpress site automatically. The most used ones so far is Google Translator. Install it from the plugins page and you are good to go !

Now comes the difficult one, “manually”. ok don’t freak out ! it’s not rocket science… may be a little bit .

Start with installing a plugin called qtranslate. What this plugin does is now you have the option to translate your entire site yourself ! Just visit your  Add new post page and you will see instantly, there are 3 or more options for the Post Title itself ! Also in the typebox you will see Tabs that you can click to add all the different language to the single post.

Add them all , then publish to get all the language translation done manually on your content.

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