5 points to make your website device friendly

5 points to make your website device friendly

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A good looking website should not only be beautiful looking in a large desktop monitor , but also on each device it’s opened on.
We have all sort of devices with different screen sizes which are capable of opening a browser which shows your website.
Imagine your site only looks good on a desktop screen, and breaks in design when viewed from a mobile / tablet device. That can be frustrating, as it can impact your website impressions and perception of your audience.
So how do we fix that ?
Welcome to a design revolution which has managed to make your site look every bit pretty and adjusted on any device.
5 Points to get your website mobile friendly.

  1. Probably the easiest way to make your site device friendly, is to hook up your site with twitter bootstrap. Find out detailed info here.
  2. If you don’t want to use an external library as twitter bootstrap, then you can simply use (@media queries ) tags on your header file.
  3. Adjust your css file by editing it into parts like screen size variance css.
  4. Use mixins for better update of your file for future use as well.
  5. Test everything out with a tool call quirktools, which will let you virtualize any mobile device or screen size.

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